A permit is legal authority to begin a project and triggers an inspection process. Inspections need to be performed at various stages of a project to ensure compliance with construction codes.   

To schedule an inspection, contact the Building Department at least 24 hours prior to the requested time.  You may contact us by phone (219) 836-6990 the department personnel will confirm request or by email , you will receive a confirmation email. Upon confirmation, inspections are placed on the schedule.

The permit fee is intended to cover the cost of administering the permit and building inspection system. Certain types of work should not proceed without first being inspected, such as pouring concrete or drywalling newly framed walls or, more generally, any work that would cover un-inspected construction. A final inspection for all completed permit work is required. The Town has adopted the current State Codes that dictate minimum standards for the performance of construction trade work. You can access the current State Codes adopted by Munster by clicking on Current Codes.

Although compliance with the codes does not eliminate all potential risks, it does reduce risks to a level considered acceptable by a consortium of code officials, fire officials, construction trade organizations, product manufacturers, and insurance carriers. Permits and inspections are the best avenue available to assure that your project meets accepted minimum standards for safety and durability. The building contractor must contact the Building Department to schedule an inspection with as much advance notice as possible. Below is a typical list of inspections required by the Town for residential or commercial construction.

New Construction & Additions Inspection Schedule

  • Erosion Controls – all MS4 requirements shall be in place, when applicable
  • Pre-Pour – footings, foundations, grade beams, posts, piers, floors, stoops, public sidewalks, ramps, driveway aprons
  • Backfill – perimeter foundation drainage system/damp-proofing/insulation; underfloor plumbing/electrical/ducting; underground water/sewer taps; first floor frame and deck or wall bracing shall be in place prior to foundation backfill
  • Electrical Service – service equipment securely mounted, main disconnect, grounding, bonding; early electrical service requires minimum one 20A breaker, GFI receptacle, disconnect panel protected from weather
  • Roughs – framing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical; stamped construction plans shall be onsite
  • Insulation – certificate of compliance posted; permanent certificate shall be posted on or in the electrical disconnect panel
  • Final Inspection – Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy; water service deposit shall be paid at the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office prior to scheduling Final Inspection
  • Site Inspection – certificate of final grades prepared by state registered land surveyor, landscaping installed per approved plans, seed and/or sod shall be in place; weather permitting, site and landscape work shall be approved prior to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy

Remodel, Alterations and Accessory Structures Inspection Schedule

  • Signage – electrical, final             
  • In Ground Pool –  bonding, backfill, final
  • Above Ground Pool – electrical, final
  • Fence –  final
  • Deck – pre-pour, framing, final
  • Shed – final
  • Detached Garage – pre-pour, roughs, final
  • Reroof – replaced sheathing, final
  • Electrical Upgrade - final
  • Renovation – roughs, final

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