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Planning to dig? Call Holey-Moley at 1-800-382-5544. It is now possible to call one toll free number to alert most of the larger utilities. That single call will alert every member utility that has underground lines in the proximity of your proposed dig site. Each notified member will dispatch a line locator to the proposed site of excavation, to specifically mark the location of their underground lines with color-coded marks, stakes or flags. The IUPPS operator will tell you what member utilities are being notified. Non-member utilities, however, will have to be notified by the caller. All calls are logged and recorded on tape and will require the Name of the owner of the service, the address, the county name (Lake) and the township name (North). The law requires the notification to be two full working days before the start of the actual excavation, to allow member utilities adequate time to mark their lines for you except in case of emergency. Emergency calls (when customers are out of service, or there is danger to life or property) will be taken and will receive top priority status. Short notice calls (less than two full working days) will be taken, but the utilities may not be able to respond in less than two full working days.

Please call  1-800-382-5544 before digging. It's Free!!!

Color-Coded Markers

  • Red- Electric
  • Yellow- Gas,Oil and Petroleum Products
  • Orange- Communications, Telephone, Cable TV, Fiber Optics, and Traffic Signals.
  • Blue- Water
  • Green- Sewer
  • White- Proposed excavation

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