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January 2008 Session


The Munster Town Council and Town of Munster Staff met for a strategic planning session in January 2008.  Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people.  Following are some ideas that were discussed by the group:

  • Determine desired location of potential train station.
  • Revise the current Town's Master Plan.
  • Redevelopment of Calumet Avenue - from 45th Street to the north corporate limits.
  • Developing the northwest section of the Town of Munster - decreasing the availability of rentals throughout town in new development.
  • Licensing of all residential rental uses.
  • Replacing all one-story duplexes on short streets (mainly Manor) to higher density residential.
  • Increasing open space on the northwest side of town; possible development of green space by acquiring properties.
  • Ridge Road  - improving the overall streetscape; reduce the density of supplemental lights; redevelop current commercial into a more consistent look and feel.  Establish a mixed use of commercial and residential with architectural standards; plan to bury power lines underground along Ridge Road.
  • Create incentives for significant enhancement of existing properties or allow for redevelopment of older residential properties (keeping it residential).
  • Little Calumet River area redevelopment into a destination park place - open it up as a front for biking, walking and development of green space between Calumet and Manor avenues.
  • Architectural review ordinances; enhance enforcement of code compliance ordinances and property maintenance codes (business and residential).
  • Increase the depth of commercial lots on Calumet Avenue north of Ridge to allow for more intense commercial development.
  • Redevelop Lake Business Center, Carpetland, and Munster Steel properties and consider redeveloping the northern most section of Hohman Avenue.
  • Encourage upscale single-family development; preserve property values to maintain the residential feel of the community.
  • Support efforts to increase the capacity of Munster High School.
  • Increase the perception of public safety among residents.
  • Complete the Calumet Avenue / 45th grade separation project.
  • Widen Main Street and extend to State Line in cooperation with Cook County and Lynwood to the west; work with Highland and Schererville to the east.
  • Enhance Heritage Park with a transportation museum and other amenities.


These items will receive consideration during Town Council meetings in order to improve the community with service enhancement in these areas.  As information is available, links will be created so that residents can see the latest progress.




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