Town Elections

The method for electing the Clerk Treasurer and members of the Town Council in the Town of Munster is designed to enable all candidates to be accountable to registered voters of the entire Town.  Voters elect one Clerk Treasurer for the town and five council members, each from one of five wards within the town.  Thus, each voter will vote for one Clerk Treasurer and will also vote for five Town Council candidates.

The winning candidate Clerk Treasurer candidate will be the candidate who receives a simple majority of votes cast for the office.  The candidates who are elected to the Town Council will have received a greater number of votes than their opponents from their respective Ward, with the votes having been counted Townwide.

Therefore, the election for Town Council is not an  "at-large" election, since the outcome does not necessarily consist of the five candidates who received the five highest vote totals, and the election for Town Council is not an election by ward since all voters elect all members of the Council.

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