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The Munster Civic Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all the citizens of Munster. The Munster Foundation was created in 1990 through an endowment from the Community Foundation, parent corporation of Community Hospital. The interest earned by this endowment is used to finance special gifts to our community which cannot be financed with tax dollars. The Foundation works closely with the Town of Munster, private individuals, the business community, and other organizations on a variety of projects that benefit Munster's residents. Some goals of the Munster Foundation include:

  • To promote, foster, and encourage community spirit and pride.
  • To facilitate cooperation between public and private enterprises for the benefit of the Munster community.
  • To promote and assist (self-supporting) projects and activities which enhance the quality of our community through private funding.
  • To manage and expand the funding for the Munster Foundation to allow the Foundation to carry out more projects in the future.

The Civic Foundation annually sponsors the July 3rd fireworks, the American flags on the light poles, and holiday decorations.  No property tax money is used to pay for these community enhancements.  In addition to the fireworks, holiday decorations, and flags, the Munster Civic Foundation contributed to many projects you may see on a regular basis.  The Munster Civic Foundation has made contributions that helped to build the Veteran’s Memorial and the “new” Munster pool. We contribute to public art and helped to fund the first bike paths throughout town.   We assisted those affected by the 2008 flood, we support numerous local organizations, and we provide sponsorship to various events for the Town. The Munster Civic Foundation has made a positive impact on the quality of life in Munster.

The non-partisan board of directors would welcome your support.  We are reviewing future projects that may include bike racks, summer concerts (maybe Jazz and Blues Fest reborn), a winter festival and a public art project.  You can send your suggestions to the Foundation Executive Secretary, for presentation at our next Civic Foundation meeting.  

All donations made to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Checks can be written to the Munster Civic Foundation.  You can send the payment to Munster Town Hall at 1005 Ridge Road, use the parking lot red drop box, or bring into the Clerk-Treasurers office. We also look for volunteers to help with projects and activities. To receive more information on how you can help the Munster Civic Foundation help the residents of Munster contact the Office of the Clerk-Treasurer.

We look forward to your input and your support and encourage you to be on the lookout for a surprise in the spring of 2020 in the concrete planters and in other strategic locations throughout Town, courtesy of the Munster Civic Foundation.  

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