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The governing body of Munster is a five-member Town Council elected at large from districts for four-year terms.  The Town is divided into five districts and each Council member resides in a different district. The Council annually elects one of its members as President.

The Council employs a Town Manager, approves an annual budget, authorizes expenditures, and appoints members of the Park Board, the Plan Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Board of Safety, and other advisory bodies. The Council has the power to make an establish ordinances and regulations as long as they do not conflict with the State. The Town Council also acts as the Redevelopment Commission.

Some of the Town Council's goals include:

  1. To assure prudent use of the taxpayer's dollars.
  2. To provide effective governance of the legislative and administration structure and programs necessary to deliver Town services.
  3. To maintain and enhance the public's investment in the capital facilities and equipment required for delivery of Town services.
  4. To encourage, assist, and sustain well-planned residential, commercial, and industrial growth.
  5. To sustain and expand cooperative efforts with neighboring communities, governmental agencies, and other groups to accomplish mutual goals.
  6. To maintain good communications with the citizens of Munster and sustain "Quality of Life" programs within the Town.
  7. To develop a vision for the future of the Town.  This vision is established in the Town's Strategic Plan.

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