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Program Sponsors Listed Further Below
Officer Brian Hernandez pledged the Oath of Office in July of 2007.  He serves in the Patrol Division and is a certified Bicycle Officer.  Officer Hernandez also serves as a member of the department's SWAT Team and was named the Munster Police Department's first Canine Officer (handling K-9 "Django") in July 2012.
In July 2012, Officer Brian Hernandez was named the Munster Police Department's first Canine Officer.  Thank you to all of our generous sponsors who helped to make this valuable resource in the fight against drugs a reality.  For more information about our K-9 unit, please contact Officer Hernandez at 836-6619.
Officer Hernandez and Django provide a presentation for Frank Hammond Elementary School fifth graders in 2013.
K-9 Program T-Shirt Sale Fundraiser
Residents who would like to help support the Munster Police Department's new K-9 Program can do so by purchasing t-shirts (displayed below) for only $15.00 each.  The t-shirts, available only in ash gray, come in sizes S-XL with limited amounts of XXL and XXXL sizes available (the two larger sizes are $2.00 extra).  Please scroll down further below for ordering information.
To order a Munster Police Department K-9 Program Supporter T-Shirt, please make checks payable for $15.00 to the Town of Munster (memo:  K-9 Fund).  Please also include a short note with the number of t-shirts that you would like to purchase, along with the requested sizes, and mail it to:
Munster Police Department
c/o Officer Brian Hernandez
1001 Ridge Road
Munster, Indiana 46321
For more information about the Munster Police Department's K-9 Program or these t-shirts, please contact Officer Hernandez at 836-6600 or bhernandez@munster.org.  Thank you in advance for your support of this important drug prevention resource for our police department and community.

In 2012, the Munster Police Department received a large number of donations to help make this program possible.  Our sponsors are listed further below on this page.  Thank you for your support!


These types of programs come at a considerable cost. If you would like to help with funding this important program, please make checks payable to the TOWN OF MUNSTER (memo line: K-9 COPS Fund) and send them to:
Munster Police Department
c/o Nancy Nadratowski
1001 Ridge Road
Munster, Indiana 46321
Donations to this program are tax deductible, and sponsors of the program will be listed on the Town of Munster's website as well as in future program publications.


If you have any questions, please contact Chief Steve Scheckel (219-836-6655, sscheckel@munster.org) or Officer Brian Hernandez (219-836-6600, bhernandez@munster.org).  Thank you in advance for your support of this valuable program in the fight against crime and drugs in our community.
Munster Lions Club - $10,000 Donation
ENBRIDGE - $10,000 Donation
Munster Rotary Club - $10,000 Donation
Northwest Psychological Services, P.C.
Eads Elementary School "K-Kids"
1650 45th Street - Munster
(219) 924-3555
Douglas & Laura Stuart
Ms. Garda Grove
Rose Ann Madarang
Robert & Cheryl Cole
Arlene Kennedy
Brooklynn Baltensberger, Ella Uylaki, & Madison Lewis
Town Councilman John Edington
Bruce Malinski
Watson Management Group
9333 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-2040
12 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-8286
9726 Fran Lin Parkway - Munster
(219) 934-9400
Bob & Shirley Wade
8415 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-5000
490 45th Street - Munster
(219) 924-4722
9305 Calumet Avenue, Suite A2 - Munster
(219) 803-5006
911 Ridge Road #2 - Munster
(219) 836-8900
Dr. Lorin Brown
7920 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-2010
George F. Bone Insurance Agency
Joe & Donna Williamson
515 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-1969
538 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-9006
Aaron & Kelly Hand
A. Arif Khalil
Community Pet Hospital
8138 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-0108
8124 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 513-0565

Dean Larson
James & Judy Hugus
9451 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-6082
Sand Oak Condominium Association
Seoul Spa
8130 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 513-0731
919 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-1668
233 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-6033
1652 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 923-2024
Munster Shell
750 Broadmoor Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-9222
548 Ridge Road, Suite G - Munster
(219) 836-0004
515 W. 45th Street - Munster
(219) 660-4170
Aladdin Travel
909 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-1090
Arthur LeVan
Calumet Citgo
8310 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-5999
The Commander Family Restaurant
745 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-4009
Donald & Virginia Scatena
8044 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-4710
805 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-0600
Felicia Makowski
Gertrude Huttle
Glenn & Rita Carlson
Herbert & Gloria Weissman
James & Susan Strain
Jerome Baffa
Joe & Kay Pollack
1810 45th Street - Munster
(219) 924-5413
8244 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-2517
Munster Citgo
1750 45th St -  Munster
(219) 924-7277
Munster Donut
8314 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-1709
Munster Gyros
8307 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-5507
(219) 513-9493
Robert Bell
Sandra Hynek

Sylvia Vucich
Timothy Ribble

William & Marianne Born
William & Beverly Coomes
Albert T. Willardo, MD
John & Barbara Oblock
Arnie's Dog House
8125 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-2867
747 Ridge Road - Munster
Brett & Tricia Shelton
Frederick & Carol Niksich
GFWC/IFC ESO Regional Readers
719 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-8000
James & Carole Yarovsky
James & Judy Hugus
Joe & Josephine Neverauskas
Joe Simonetto
Judy Abbott
Linda Kollintzas
Munster Foods, Inc.
8932 White Oak Avenue - Munster
Ronald Gabel
Scot Wick
Susan Kendall

Suzanne Eberhardt
Thomas Drake
William & Bess Brennan, MD
Johnny's Tap
8050 Calumet Avenue - Munster
(219) 836-9218

Austin Lee Moore
Anonymous Donor
Barbara Pfister

Barbara Meeker
Beatrice Hanusin
Claudia Derrico
David Walen
Dennis Vojvodich
Diane King
Doug Schnick
Jack Lewandowski
John & Shellie Wojcik
Jo & Johine Ignelzi
Joan Gilgallon
Jimmy & Judith Wilkins
Kathleen Szala

Keith & Margaret Madderom
Lazo Trbovic
Leroy & Jamie Marsh
Ms. Biancardi's Fifth Grade Class
Mary Schumm
Martha & Becky Davits
Maureen Campbell
Munster Car Wash
111 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-5262
Pearl Janiga
Russell & Alice Altherr

Sharon Kearney
Susan Rousseau
Thomas & Lucinda Bolger
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bransen
William & Deanna McDunn
901 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-1530
Munster Highland Tri-Kappa
Coco's Boutique
921 Ridge Road - Munster
(219) 836-0011
Edward & Diane Traher
Elaine Burbich
John & Virginia Frederick
James & Mary Ann Pancheri
Kenneth & Suzanne Alsager
Lana Richardson
Melvin & Shirley Nowaczyk
Michael & Mary Neveitt
Randy & Natalie Kaluf
Ronald & Christine Small
Theodore Economou
William & Irene Huber

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