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What type of pesticide is sprayed by the mosquito trucks, and how often do the trucks make rounds?


DUET dual-action mosquito adulticide is sprayed as needed typically from June through August in order to kill the adult population of mosquitoes. Spraying is conducted over a 2-day period toward the end of each week or weekend starting in the evening hours between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. when weather conditions permit. Additionally, mosquito briquettes are placed in selected public areas where there is standing water to kill the mosquitoes before they hatch. DUET combines the proven efficacy of sumithrin plus the exceptional knockdown of prallethrin. Together, these two active ingredients cause “benign agitation.” or a unique, non-biting excitation. This offers the potential to draw mosquitoes from a resting state…enabling greater control of the natural population. Duet’s active ingredients break down by sunlight into carbon dioxide and water vapor. Both active ingredients are photolabile and degradation products are not persistent More information about DUET is contained in the Clarke Safety Data Sheet on this product linked below.

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