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How do I register for a class, program or special event?
In Person, Mail In, or Drop Off
Do you accept late registrations for programs/events?
Certain programs/events have strict deadlines. Please see the Recreation Guide for guidance. Please call (219) 836-7275 for specific questions.
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX. The Town does not accept credit cards over the phone.
Where is Munster Parks and Recreation located?
We are located at Munster Town Hall, 1005 Ridge Road, Munster, IN 46321
How can I register for a park program or event?
Online at https://apm.activecommunities.com/munster/ In-person at Munster Town Hall Mail into 1005 Ridge Road, Munster, IN 46321 Drop off at Munster Town Hall’s red mailbox in the south parking lot Over the phone with credit card payment (only if payment is NOT made to separate business and you must have a valid account to show residency.
Do you require a fishing license to fish at Centennial Park?
No fishing license is required to fish.
How do I reserve a Centennial Park shelter rental?
Contact us at (219) 836-6930 for more information and rates.
What are your business hours?
We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-4:30 pm.
What are the Park Rules?
All parks are open 6:00 am to dusk. Alcoholic beverages and glass containers are prohibited. Dogs must be on a leash and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Unauthorized use of the Centennial Park Dog Park will result in a $500 fine to all parties liable. No go-karts, mopeds or any other motor vehicles shall be operated in any of the parks. No golfing, except with a wiffle ball, is allowed in any park. Camping is not allowed in any of the parks. Open burning and fireworks are not allowed in any park. No skateboards or rollerblades allowed on the tennis courts. Persons displaying permits have priority usage of shelters, fields, and courts. The moving or relocating of soccer goals in the parks is not permitted without prior approval and will result in a $500 fine. Entry into the dog park without a current membership can result in a $500 fine. Groups of 15 or more must obtain a permit to use the park shelters. Smoking is prohibited in the parks and park buildings within 15 feet of participants or entry.
How can we partner for an upcoming program/event?
Contact us at (219) 836-7275. We are always looking for people/businesses to host new, innovative classes in our upcoming Recreation Guide or help sponsor our events (both monetary and in-kind). We would be happy to customize a sponsor package for your company.
How do I reserve Centennial Park gardens, stage, or shelters?
Contact us at (219) 836-6930 for more information and rates.
Can I book the Social Center and secure it with the deposit only?
No, all fees are due at the time of booking. All rentals times must include your set-up and clean-up time. Rental fees include hourly rate plus 7% tax and a refundable cleanup/damage deposit.
What time are shelters available to rent?
You can reserve a shelter for a minimum 4-hour period or all day. All-day rentals are from 6:00 am to dusk.
How can I purchase a memorial tree?
Memorial Trees are available for purchase at the Munster Town Hall. You can purchase memorial trees and items for Centennial Park or other parks in Munster. Trees are planted every Spring and Fall and include a memorial plaque. Contact Munster Parks and Recreation at (219) 836-7275 for more information.
How much is the damage deposit?
This depends on your attendance. Contact us at (219) 836-7275 for deposit information.
Is alcohol allowed in the parks or rental facilities?
Alcohol is not allowed in the parks. We do allow alcohol at certain facilities with restrictions. Please contact our office (219) 836-7275 for more information.
How can I purchase a memorial dog bone for the Centennial Park dog park?
Contact Munster Parks and Recreation at (219) 836-7275.
What does the wedding package at Heritage Park Gazebo include?
The wedding package includes a 2-hour wedding, a 1-hour rehearsal (day prior), 50 white chairs set up in rows, a site supervisor on duty, and seasonal plants around the gazebo.
If I need more than 50 chairs for my Heritage Park Wedding? Can I reserve more?
Yes, additional chairs can be reserved in quantities of 50.
What do I get when I book the Social Center?
You get the entire facility. This includes two rooms, one for dining and a smaller room, a full kitchen, restrooms, and an outdoor patio. Call (219) 836-7275 to schedule a tour.
Who do I call if I have a problem with my rental?
If your rental is during non-business hours, contact the non-emergency number (219) 660-0001.
Is my cleanup/damage deposit refundable?
Yes, assuming there is no damage to the facility. A check will be mailed one week after your rental to the address listed on the contract.
Is fishing allowed at Centennial Park?
Fishing is allowed at Maynard Lake. Fishing is catch and release only during park hours.
Are there any indoor restrooms in the parks?
Centennial and Community Park have indoor restrooms. Certain parks have port-a-potty restrooms available during April-October.
How many people do I need to have to reserve a shelter?
All gatherings of 15 or more people require a reservation. Gatherings under 15 people should reserve the facility to guarantee availability. Permit holders take precedence over non-reserved patrons.
I want to pay for the program/event with a check, who do I make it payable to?
Please make the check payable to ‘Town of Munster. Unless the program is requiring a check made payable to another business.
How do I join the Keen-Agers?
Contact us at (219) 836-7275 for registration information.
How many parks are there in Munster?
Can I reserve my rental over the phone?
No, all rentals must be made in-person at the Munster Parks and Recreation’s office during office hours.
When do you begin taking reservations for the next year?
We begin taking reservations for the following calendar year on the first Monday in November. Rentals are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reminder: All rentals need to be paid in FULL at the time of booking. We do not hold dates.
What shelters are available for rent? How many people do the shelters hold?
Community Park (Lions or Rotary) – Capacity: 125 White Oak Park – Capacity: 100 Beech, Bluebird, Grove, Cobblestones, Stewart, Frank H. Hammond and Westlakes – Capacity: 50 Briar Creek, Burlwood, Sunnyside and Twin Creek – Capacity: 15
Where should I send mail to the Town?
Town of Munster 1005 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana 46321
What size numbers should be used on my home and where should they be placed?
The numbers on your home should be a least five inches in height and they should be placed on the front of the house facing the street your address corresponds, so that they can be easily seen by the Town's Emergency Personnel.
Are burglar alarms required?
No, burglar alarms are not required by the Town of Munster Code. However, in certain types of businesses, an alarm is advisable as a deterrent and for prompt detection of burglary. Registration for alarms can be done through the Police Department.
Fire Alarm / Smoke Detector Requirements
Smoke detectors are required by the International Fire Code for all new residential buildings. They are not required for businesses, although they are strongly encouraged. The number of fire alarms depends upon the size of the building, the numbers of occupants, and other additional factors. For more information, contact the Fire Department at 836-6960
Is there a charge for malfunctioning alarms?
Yes, there is a charge for malfunctioning alarms. Any alarm user that has more than two (2) false alarms in any calendar year will be fined for each additional false alarm unless the alarm is cancelled before the Town responds.
Who should I call when there is an animal complaint (Re: Nuisance Complaints - barking dogs, animal depositing waste in neighboring yards, neigbor letting dog run loose, etc)?
All non-emergency calls should be directed to the Community Service Officer at 836-6659.
What should be done with dead animals?
Contact the Munster Public Works at 219-836-6970
What should be done with an injured or wounded animal?
Contact the Community Service Officer at 836-6659.
Are there limits on the number and types of animals a person can have in his/her home?
The code allows residents to license three (3) animals.
What should be done with lost animals?
Residents should call the Community Service Officer at 836-6659 and the Humane Society at922-3811.
What are the Ordinances pertaining to cleaning up after a pet?
Section 4-12 of the Town Code states that the owner of every animal shall be responsible for the removal of any excretion deposited by his/her animal on public walks, recreation areas,or private property.
Where can people go to register animals (i.e. dogs and cats)?
The Clerk-Treasurer's Office in the Munster Town Hall handles the registration of animals. All animals must have a current certificate of rabies vaccination in order to be registered.
Where do I get a job application for town employment?
The most convenient place to pick up an application for town employment is in the Town Manager's Office. The address is 1005 Ridge Road. for further information call 219-836-6900.
How can I find out if a program/event will be canceled due to inclement weather?
You can call the Weather Hotline at (219) 836-6927. This automatic hotline would share that information 30-45 minutes prior to that program/event.
What should I do about a basement flooding?
If your basement is flooding, you can call the Water Department for information and assistance at 836-6971, 836-6970 or after hours call 219-660-0001.
Where do I go to report lost or stolen property? Where do I go to see if anyone has found lost or stolen property?
Call the police department at 219-836-6600
Where can I get a zoning map of the Town?
To view or print the Zoning map, click on the link below. A printed map can be obtained at the Community Development Department.
Whom do I call if there is a "gas" odor in my basement?
If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, have carbon monoxide symptoms, or have some other gas emergency situation, leave the house immediately and go outside. Then call 911 for the Fire Department. The Fire Department will assess the situation and notify NIPSCO.
What are the Town's requirements for registration of a bicycle?
Every bicycle either owned by a resident of the Town of Munster or stored within the Town (except bicycles held primarily for resale in the ordinary course of business) shall be registered and licensed. The bicycles need to be registered at the Police Department.
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