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Town of Munster
Town Council Special Meeting 09/06/2022
Munster Town Hall, Main Meeting Room
Tuesday, September 06, 2022 at 07:00 PM


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Meeting ID: 886 6610 5814 Passcode: 015244

Call To Order

Roll Call

Moment of Silence

Pledge of Allegiance

Proclamation - September Ovarian Cancer Month
Documents: Proclamation

Public Comment - We kindly ask that In Person Public Comment is limited to 2 minutes maximum per person or 5 minutes for a group spokesperson. And that you please keep your comments civil and constructive to Public Policy Issues. Public comments may also be submitted electronically. If you have a question or comment about an item on the agenda that you would like to have entered into the meeting minutes, please email that question or comment to the Town Manager, Dustin Anderson at

  1. CONSENT AGENDA (The items listed on the Consent Agenda are considered under one motion with a roll call vote. If a Council Member wishes to have an item removed from the agenda for further discussion, it will be considered separately under General Orders. The Chair will entertain a motion for approval.)
    1. Approval of the Minutes
      1. Minutes of the Regular Town Council Meeting on August 15, 2022
        Documents: Minutes
    2. Confirmation/ Approval of Voucher Register
      1. Confirmation of Voucher Register #22-7L dated 07/31/22 totaling $148,836.03
        Documents: Register #22-7L
      2. Confirmation of Voucher Register #22-7M dated 07/06/22 totaling $0.00
        Documents: Register #22-7M
      3. Approval of Voucher Register #22-7N dated 07/31/22 totaling $33,191.72
        Documents: Register #22-7N
      4. Confirmation of Voucher Register #22-8H dated 08/18/22 totaling $31,813.91
        Documents: Register #22-8H
      5. Confirmation of Voucher Register #22-8I dated 08/25/22 totaling $344,722.73
        Documents: Register #22-8I
      6. Confirmation of Voucher Register #22-8J dated 08/26/22 totaling $427,040.25
        Documents: Register #22-8J
      7. Confirmation of Voucher Register #22-9A dated 09/01/22 totaling $481,542.77
        Documents: Register #22-9A
      8. Approval of Voucher Register #22-9B dated 09/06/22 totaling $325,907.50
        Documents: Register #22-9B
      9. Confirmation of Voucher Register #22-9C dated 09/09/22 totaling $50,876.80
        Documents: Register #22-9C
    3. Treasurer's Report
      Documents: July 2022
    4. Water Leak Adjustment
      Documents: Adjustment
  2. OLD BUSINESS (Roll Call Vote Required - All Resolutions and Ordinances; *Items to request waiving the rules and adopting on first reading.)
    1. Ordinance #1876: Amendment #4 to the Salary Ordinance
      Documents: Memo | Ordinance #1876
    2. Letter of Engagement: Fixed Assets
      Documents: Memo | Engagement Letter
    3. Alley Repaving - Change Order No. 1
      Documents: Memo | Change Order No. 1
    4. Alley Repaving - Final Release of Retainage
      Documents: Memo | Release of Retainage
    5. Public Works - Purchase New 2022 Ford F250
      Documents: Memo | *Bosak Ford quote | Bosak Chevy quote | Bosak Motor Sales quote
    6. Public Works - Purchase New 2024 Dump Truck for Street Division
      Documents: Memo | Quote - Rush Truck Center
    7. NICTD Westlake Corridor Project - Invoice No. 3821
      Documents: Memo | Invoice | Improvements
    8. Printer Maintenance Renewal Agreement - Pulse Technology
      Documents: Memo | Agreement
    9. Munster Police Department - Squad Car Purchase
      Documents: Memo
    10. Munster Police Department - Selling of Seized Vehicle
      Documents: Memo
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS - All Town Council meetings will begin at 7:00pm unless otherwise noted.

September 19, 2022 - Regular Town Council and Redevelopment Commission meeting