Centennial Park Information back  
Date of Record: June 9, 2005


Park Joint Work Study Memo of June 6, 2005 (1080 kb)
Centennial Park Development Timeline (295 kb)
Centennial Park Budget Summary (2431 kb)
This worksheet provides one balance sheet for all of the elements to be included in the park excluding any development of Clayhole Lake or a grade separation and development of the Calumet & 45th intersection.
Calumet & 45th Grade Separation Estimate (198 kb)
Robinson Engineering has provided an estimate for separation of the roadways from the railways at this intersection. The total cost has been divided into separate costs in case the redevelopment of the intersection occurs in separate phases.
Centennial Park Master Plan (953 kb)
Much of the area in Lakewood Park has been conceptualized, however, this plan places all of the separate programming features in one diagram. The function of a dog park is not included, but shall be updated in a later version.
Clubshouse Proposal, Scheme A (477 kb)
The clubhouse must fit within a specific area to be placed near the golf course. This format fits the building within the area and includes the necessary programming space for features such as the Pro Shop and patios for dining.
Clubhouse Proposal, Scheme B (438 kb)
This Clubhouse drawing includes much of the same functionality and can fit on the allotted site as well, but would be constructed in a different design.
Golf Course Maintenance Garage (632 kb)
The Park staff would store its supplies and equipment for use at the Lakewood Park at this facility. Space has also been allotted for fire apparatus so as to locate equipment on the south side of the railroad tracks.
Clayhole Lake Master Plan (640 kb)
Although the cost has not yet been included, this is a conceptual plan for what this portion of the park shall look like.