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Maintenance of Trees by the Town 

For trees located in the parkway, the Town will remove any tree that creates a hazardous situation or is more than 50 percent dead, and will also remove any dangerous limbs. All other tree problems in the parkway or on your property are a private matter. Citizens will need to contact a private tree service or do their own maintenance. The Town will remove all branches from your curb on your regular collection day that is no more than ten inches in diameter and no longer than four feet.

Planting Trees in Parkway  -

The Town has a 50/50 Tree Replacement Program for trees planted in the parkway in front of your home. For more information, follow the link to the 50/50 Tree Replacement Application, call the Public Works Department at 836-6970, or stop by the Public Works Office for a brochure on the program.

Storm Damage

If tree damage blocks a street, contact the Public Works Department at 836-6970. If a power line is knocked down by a tree, call the NIPSCO emergency number at 1-800-464-7726. Please keep a safe distance from the downed utility lines; assume that any downed line is energized and dangerous

Trees in the Parkway

The trees located in the parkway are owned by the Town. However, property owners are expected to water and maintain the trees, including trimming and removal of dead branches.  Further information can be found at Parkway Trees, Leaves, and Brush.

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