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Town of Munster
Town Council Regular Meeting 09/07/2023 *REVISED*
Munster Town Hall, Main Meeting Room
Thursday, September 07, 2023 at 07:00 PM


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Call To Order

Roll Call

Moment of Silence

Pledge of Allegiance

Special Recognition for Police Officers with 25 Years of Service with the Munster Police Department

Public Comment - We kindly ask that all In Person Public Comment is limited to 2 minutes maximum per person or 5 minutes for a group spokesperson. Please keep your comments civil and constructive and related to Public Policy Issues. In the event questions are posed to the Council, we will note your question in the meeting minutes, and we will refer questions to the appropriate department or staff for follow up and response.

Public comments may also be submitted electronically. If you have a question or comment about an item on the agenda that you would like to have entered into the meeting minutes, please email that question or comment to the Town Manager, Dustin Anderson at

  1. CONSENT AGENDA (The items listed on the Consent Agenda are considered under one motion with a roll call vote. If a Council Member wishes to have an item removed from the agenda for further discussion, it will be considered separately under General Orders. The Chair will entertain a motion for approval.)
    1. Approval of the Minutes
      1. Minutes of the Regular Town Council meeting on August 21, 2023
        Documents: Minutes
    2. Confirmation/ Approval of Voucher Register
      1. Confirmation of Voucher Register #23-7L dated 07/31/23 totaling $115,642.17
        Documents: Register #23-7L
      2. Approval of Voucher Register #23-7M dated 07/31/23 totaling $3,914,592.47
        Documents: Register #23-7M
      3. Confirmation of Voucher Register #23-8I dated 08/23/23 totaling $682,362.14
        Documents: Register #23-8I
      4. Confirmation of Voucher Register #23-8J dated 08/25/23 totaling $474,957.40
        Documents: Register #23-8J
      5. Confirmation of Voucher Register #23-8K dated 08/31/23 totaling $320,587.52
        Documents: Register #23-8K
      6. Approval of Voucher Register #23-9A dated 09/07/23 totaling $164,901.45
        Documents: Register #23-9A
    3. Treasurer's Report
      Documents: July 2023 Report
    4. Water Leak Adjustment
      Documents: Adjustment Memo
  2. OLD BUSINESS (Roll Call Vote Required - All Resolutions and Ordinances; *Items to request waiving the rules and adopting on first reading.)
    1. Ordinance #1912: Additional Appropriation of Funds for the Year 2023 (3)
      Documents: Memo | Ordinance #1912 | Certified Copy of Additional Appropriations: State Form 55819
    2. Lake Michigan Costal Program Grant Agreement
      Documents: Memo | Grant Agreement
    3. Town of Munster Copier Replacement: Pulse Technology Proposal
      Documents: Memo | Proposal
    4. Joint Interlocal and Mutual Aid Agreement for the South Lake County Crash Reconstruction Team
      Documents: Memo | Agreement
    5. Police Department: Destruction of Property
      Documents: Memo
    6. Police Department: Purchase Multi-Key Encryption for Motorola Radios
      Documents: Memo | Motorola Solutions Quote
    7. Public Works: Service Agreement for Fuel Tanks/Pump Inspection
      Documents: Memo | BK Equipment Proposal | BK Equipment OSFM Testing Rates 2023 | Creek Run LLC Environmental Engineering
    8. Change Order #1: CCMG 22-2 Camellia, Beverly, and White Oak
      Documents: Memo | Change Order #1
    9. Proposal for Engineering Services: CCMG 23-2 Paving
      Documents: Memo | Proposal
    10. Proposal for Geotechnical Services: 2024 Street Paving and Water Main Improvements
      Documents: Memo | AES Proposal | Location Map
    1. West Lakes Corridor Project Frequently Asked Questions
      Documents: FAQ's
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS - All Town Council meetings will begin at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

September 18, 2023 - Regular Town Council meeting and Regular Redevelopment Commission meeting