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The trees located in the parkway are owned by the Town. However, property owners are expected to water and maintain the trees, including trimming and removal of dead branches.

The Town will remove any parkway tree that creates a hazardous situation and will also remove any dangerous limbs.  Tree removals are not based on % dieback, except in the case of EAB trees where dieback of over 25% of the canopy will be fatal to the trees soon.  Other trees with canopies that are 50% dead should be looked at for either possible trimming or removal.

Removals are based on assessing the risk of failure and damage it will cause to a target, such as cars on the street, houses, pedestrians, etc. A tree may have little or no canopy dieback but the trunk may be hollow causing tree failure. In other words, a completely green tree can fail if tree structure is bad. Trees can also fail if the root system is compromised and reduced or decayed.  The Town’s Urban Forester is consulted as needed by Public Works on decisions of tree removal which might involve a tree risk assessment to rate vigor of the canopy (green and growing), form (structure of trunk and branching), nature of the defect, size of the hazardous limb and potential target if tree or limb falls.

All other tree problems in the parkway or on a resident’s property are a private matter and residents will need to contact a private tree service or do their own maintenance.

Planting Trees in Parkway

The Town has a list of acceptable trees and a 50/50 Tree Program for trees planted in the parkway in front of your home. For more information or an application, call the Public Works Department at 836-6970, or stop by the Public Works Office for a brochure/application on the program.

Storm Damage

If tree damage blocks a street, contact the Public Works Department at 836-6970. If a power line is knocked down by a tree or has a limb overhanging it: call the NIPSCO emergency storm damage number at 800-464-7726. Please keep a safe distance from the downed utility lines; assume that any downed line is energized and dangerous.

Leaf pickup

  • As leaf burning is prohibited, the Town of Munster will remove all leaves without charge from single family residential units at the curb from October to December, from North to South in sequential zone order (i.e. Zones 1 – 10 resuming each day where left off the previous day) depending on weather and demand approximately every 2 weeks provided strict guidelines are adhered to:
    • Leaves will NOT BE PICKED UP IN BAGS by Public Works or Waste Management.
    • Place leaves in a continuous long pile called a "windrow" on parkway grass (between curb and sidewalk) NOT ON THE STREET…no more than 4’ away from curb (or pavement edge). If it rains, leaves cover street drains and cause flooding.
    • Do not place leaves around trees, signposts, light, or telephone poles.
    • DO NOT PARK VEHICLES IN FRONT OF LEAF PILES (between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:30 pm or your pile will be skipped….and left until the next pickup in 2 weeks.
    • DO NOT PARK VEHICLES OVER LEAF PILES…fires have resulted.
    • Leaf Pile must be clean or it will be skipped. e…no sticks, bricks, stones, grass, garbage or other debris.  High-velocity vacuums are used to pick up leaves and these items will cause damage to equipment and may injure an employee or bystander.
  • Leaf piles will be skipped (with a door hangar explanation placed) if:
    • Contaminated due to: sticks, bricks, stones, grass, garbage or other debris
    • Vehicle blocks leaf pile
    • The skipped pile will be revisited in 2 weeks….no special pickups allowed
  • Follow the location of the Town’s Leaf truck on social media

 Brush pickup

  • The Town collects leaves from North to South in sequential zone order (Zones 1 – 10)
  • Branches should be stacked in one direction and placed in the grassy parkway, not on the street.
  • Bundle into manageable piles with twine where possible to assist crew.
  • Brush piles WILL BE SKIPPED for any of the following reasons:
    • Branches or bundled piles of branches with a tree diameter greater than 5 inches or that cannot be picked up by one person.
    • Any brush from professional landscapers or tree-trimmers.
    • If a vehicle is parked in front of a brush pile….this prevents the Town’s chipper from being able to get close enough and risks damage to the parked vehicle.
    • Brush Pile must be clean or it will be skipped. e…no garbage, debris, or plant material…..only tree branches or sticks from prunings are acceptable.
  • Follow location of the Town’s Chipper truck on social media

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