Indiana Code concerning Open Burning Regulations



                                                                  ARTICLE  1.  OPEN BURNING

326 IAC 4-1-3, 2

PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL BURNING, Where the building contains four (4) or fewer dwelling units. Burning is prohibited in apartment and condominium complexes and mobile home parks. Burning shall be subject to conditions in subsection (b) and the following conditions:

  • Burning shall be in a none combustible container that:
  • Is sufficiently vented to induce adequate primary combustion; and
  • Has enclosed sides and bottom
  • Only clean wood (no painted wood, garbage, plastic, tires, etc.)

Subsection (b)

  • The fire shall be extinguished if it creates a:
  • Nuisance;
  • Fire hazard; or
  • Pollution problem.
  • No burning shall be conducted during unfavorable meteorological conditions, such as any of the following:
  • High winds.
  • Temperature inversions.
  • Air stagnation.
  • When a pollution alert or ozone action day has been declared.


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